trip diary

“where the gods rest”

BY giorgio luchetti




 Indonesia is everything and nothing, it's an introspective journey. Indonesia is sport, culture, nature and spirituality.

I took on this journey willing to discover, explore and surf. I brought with me my loyal Nikon FM2, eight rolls, a surfboard and the necessary clothes, and put all in my surf bag. The journey lasted 23 days, first Giava then Bali.

I slept on a wooden and straw warung and at night I could hear the violent noise of the roaring waves. It was so exciting to hear that clamor and to think that in a few hours I would ride those monsters. Sometimes the adrenaline running in my veins kept me awake at night. Every day was a new challenge, a new competition with a much bigger force: the Ocean. Here I felt all this, here I found peace with myself and the world.